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6 years ago

The data source Loop does not increment the index in a given case


I have a test case that includes a data source from an excel file and a data source loop.

The test case includes several groovy scripts and one of them (Ini Variables) cn jump directly to the script ResetWatchDog in some cases.

in the default test flow, everything is ok and at each loop, the data pointer go on from one line to the next one.

However, if the groovy script jump  directly to ''0 ResetWatchDog'' then the loop does not increment the pointer. This means that the loop restarts exactly at the same line. 

it results in an infinite loop.

what can I do to ensure that the data loop step increments the row number?

Note: the problematic flow go from a script to a script


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    Can you right click on DataSource Loop -> Configure and show us what you have there?

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      this a log where you can see that we loop from the last script to the first one without a change in the index

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      The increment must be done by the data source Loop step.

      however, even if I try to do it in a script, I have an error that indicate: the Currentrow  is readonly.