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8 years ago

Test Suite invisible



I'm using Ready API! 1.9.0 release and nightly and both have the problem that I cannot find / see my created test suite until I generate a NEW test suite. (Project is an imported WSDL). 


In the Navigator view I have my project and no way to view the test suite. After I select my project and generates a new test suite both are visible. See both screenshots.


Any one a solution? or is this a bug?

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    Hi Mark,


    Thank you for your post! Ready! API includes several interacting tools. The projects tool is where you work with your projects and SOAP, REST, XML-RPC services and their interfaces. SoapUI NG is the functional testing tool, where you work with Test cases, Test suites and Test steps.


    When you create a new Test Suite on the Projects tab Ready! API redirects you to the SopaUI NG tab. So, to see your Test Suites you just need to switch to the SoapUI NG tab.


    Please refer to our documentation: Platform Tools.

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      Thank you both for your quick reply and indeed I found my test suite back. :)