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9 years ago

Test Case not completing gracefully when Groovy Test Step accessing database.

Ready API 1.5.0 I have a Test Case with the following Steps: 1. A JDBC test step to get the count of rows in a certain table. 2. REST API Request  3. Groovy Script to compare API Response with da...
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    9 years ago



    The problem seems to be that your test history database hasn't been upgraded properly. In this situation the test history feature is normally disabled until the upgrade has been made, but for whatever reason this didn't happen in your case. We'll try to reproduce this bug and fix it.


    Meanwhile, you could probably solve this by going to the Compare or History tab and clicking on the Upgrade button.


    If this doesn't work, as a last resort you can disable the test history feature completely with the following workaround.


    1. Create a file called with the following single line:


    2. Put in the directory .readyapi, which you'll find in your home folder (e.g. C:\Users\<your_user_name> on Windows)

    3. Restart Ready! API


    Hope this helps!


    Manne, Ready! API Developer