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4 years ago

Tags are getting lost when exporting testsuite

Create a testsuite in a project. Add some testcases and tag them. Export the testsuite and import it in another project. The tags associated with the testcases are lost. I am using the ReadyAPI 3.0.0 version. It happens with previous versions too. Is there a way to preserve the tags?

  • As a result of the investigation a feature request was created in the internal DB - RIA-13939

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    Instead of Exporting Test Suite from 1 project to another project, try with Cloning of Test Suite from 1 project to another project. Hope it woks.


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        Thank you for advice Himanshu! Appreciated!


        mesmartbear I see you opened a case with Support (#00442308). Please let us know the solution when you get one, thank you.