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5 years ago

Splits off leading whitespace in the annotation

Hi SmartBear Team, 


when I send a request with a label containing leading whitespace, the whtesapce in the reponse is cut off.

It seems to be a bug in SoapUI Pro (Version 2.6.0, 2.8.0).


Best Regard

Agnieszka G.

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    Hi TGeppert 


    Can you provide a little more info - perhaps examples/screenshots.  I'm struggling to get a clear understanding (probably more me being dense than anything else).


    Are you saying that significant whitespace as opposed to insignificant whitespace is being removed from within an annotation tag?  Or do you mean something else?





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    Hi TGeppert! Have you managed to resolve the issue? Otherwise, please share more information about this issue as richie requested.