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14 years ago

SoapUI MATRIX parameter support

I’m trying to create functional test against my restful service. Some of the rest methods have matrix parameters in between the URL. Below is an example (from an example out of O’Reily book).



I have defined my parameters according to rest guidelines of SoapUI. For say the above example “car-type”, “model” and “year” is defined as TEMPLATE parameters and “color” is defined as MATRIX parameter. From SoapUI when I try to make this rest call using a rest step it puts the MATRIX parameter at the end of the URL before the query parameters instead of the location defined above. So it looks like below when SoapUI makes the call.


SoapUI documents only talk about putting MATRIX parameters at the end of the URL but before query parameters. I found nothing about using a MATRIX parameter inside the URL like above. I have tried to implement it in the SoapUI by manually creating a rest resource instead of using a WADL and it did not like the URL with the MATRIX parameter inside the URL.

Did anyone ever stumble into this issue before? Please HELP !!

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    You are right, soapUI only supports MATRIX parameters at the end of the URL, which we should probably fix. For now it would probably be easiest for you to remove this parameter and then redefine it as a Template parameter instead and creating the corresponding placeholder in the URL..

    would that work ok?