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6 years ago

SoapUI Existing Code Modularization

HI All,


Can anyone from here suggest me how to approach modularization in SoapUI Pro legacy code.

I am trying to achieve modularization using groovy scripting but coming up short and ending up with manually setting the parameters

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    Sorry but what does modularization mean in this context?

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      Yeah, I wondered exact the same. 



      Could you please ask questions with as much detail as possible please?

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        Actually my issue is, I have inherited some legacy SoapUI code for a product. Now my new client want to break the complex legacy code into smaller modules so that offshore team can run the QA test in a less complex manner.

        I have identified some areas in the code which can be grouped together as a module. But i have no idea how to approach coding for it to happen. 

        In the above mentioned legacy code there are over 60 test suits with some repeatable test steps in several of them. Is there any way I can take out the common steps and make some kind of library file to make the test steps less complex.

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    Like Lucian I also try to create a set of "common library" test cases, and then make extensive use of the Run TestCase Test Step. Here are a couple of posts where I talk about it in a bit more detail:




    Hopefully this will go together with Lucian post.

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      Hi all,


      What a great team! Thanks everyone for your contribution.


      SumitM, if your question is answered, could you please click the Accept as Solution button below the reply that answers it best? This way, other users will find the solution faster if they face some similar issue.


      Thank you in advance!