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2 years ago

Simplifying Architecture

The Problem: Each project has the same Test Suite called "Tools". Because we clone this folder in to other projects, this causes the contents of each Tools folder to be slightly different across each project.


The Solution: The idea to solve this problem is to make one project called Tools which can be referenced by all other projects.


After my research I have discovered that it is possible to reference a different project's Test Suite/Case.


The Problem with our Solution: However, I believe the only way to run a test case from another project is using a script. Each tool would be replaced by a script which references the original tool, but I haven't found a way to easily transfer the data from this new script to the rest of the test. And anyway, doing this is redundant, because this is what many of the tools already do.


Does anyone have any advice as to create a project which can be globally accessed by all other projects, so that it's tools can be centralized and accessible by all?

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    What does the Tools project consists of?
    Any picture/ structure of the project/ steps involved or give some examples with context to reusability.

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      Thanks for your response.


      I am going to attach two screen shots to clarify what we would ideally like to standardize/centralize.


      We have multiple projects. Each of these projects contains some version of a Test Suite called "Tools":



      These tools are functions which are used to either generate or retrieve data to be used in SOAP requests. Above, you can see the Test Suite "Tools", and one example of a function "Get_Address_From_Province".


      In the following screen shot, you can see the function "Get_Address_From_Province" instantiated as a Test Step :


      It is possible to make reference to this function as a test step because both Test Suites belong to the same Project.


      What we would like to be able to do is use the same set of Tools that belong to another project from the one which is being worked on. (This is due to the fact that we are multiple developers, so working on the same project could potentially create conflict issues, hence the necessity for multiple projects.)






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    we use an external script library and execute the steps via groovy-code.

    So we have only to share the scriptlibrary (via git) as an project on every testers machine.