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7 years ago

Setting Up a VIRT to Test ESB Transformation



I know it's bad form to ask 'open questions' but despite this I'm hoping you can let this slide and provide a little guidance anyway.


My developers create apis that allow me to exercise various tests in soapui and now they want me to start creating VIRTs so they dont have to bother creating these apis anymore.


I want to see if I can create a VIRT that will support testing ESB transformations (json to XML, json to json etc.) and I know from my reading (Web Services Testing with SoapUI.pdf and help) it can be done - but I don't know where to start really and I was hoping that you guys might be able to point me to some resources I can read to get me started?


Many thanks to any help/guidance anyone can provide and again - apologies for the 'open question'





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      thank you - I'll start reading up!



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    Hi Richie! 


    My starting point (after reading docs) was to import WSDL or WADL into ServiceV first. Once imported successfully, the application will create the mock/virtual service and auto-generate API response for you. You will then customise that response to your needs and configure end-points to hit when you call the service. 


    You can data-drive your responses, select your dispatch style (prefer script) but if you are starting new, then play around with sequence/random/xPath etc to get comfortable. 


    I hope it helped. 


    I have done some significant work on virtualisation/mocking so if you get stuck anywhere, create a post and we can provide all the support you need!