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6 years ago

ServiceV routing

Hello Community!


I have a similar case as this one:


Initially I was asked to route the request to a virtual/real service depending on a query string value. I was able to get that done with no problem. Routing option and dispatcher made it to work as expected but now that it's set up like that I have another request.


Dev Team wants me to send the request over real service and if response return a code such as 404, 500, 504 then re-route to virtual service instead. 


I just want to confirm if there will be a tool limitation or if is something feasible to create. To be honest I'm not even sure if Smartbear would be able to capture the reponse from the real service to eventually place the values into a dispatcher scripts.


I don't want to say NO! without giving a try. 


Feel free to give your opinion!