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6 years ago

ServiceV Pro - While deploying virtual service to a remote server, datasource is not supported.

We are facing issues while deploying a Virtual Service (using datasource) to a Remote Virt Server. Did anyone observe similar issues while deploying a service that uses any of the datasource.

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    Hello Rchowdhary,


    Could you describe the specifics of the issue you are facing (including any error messages you receive) as well as the nature of your data source?




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    As Calvin mentioned, please provide error logs. 

    When asking a question, you should keep in mind that others do not know your context, so try to be clear and precise as possible. 


    Now here is what I think your problem is, if your datasource is JDBC then you will need to placed revelent JARS in virtServer on your remote machine. i.e if you are using an oracle DB - you will need an ojdbc jar (varies on your windows version). The jar can be placed in bin/ext directory. i.e SmartBear/VirtServer-2.3.0/bin/ext. 


    And the list goes on as there are many datasources... so you need to be specific