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6 years ago

"Send" button location in Ready API 2.5


In 2.5 (maybe also 2.4, I have upgraded from 2.3 to 2.5 directly), the "Send" button for requests moved from left side to right side of the main window.


I find this rather unfortunate. Typically you choose a request in navigator (very left part of the screen), then enter some parameters (still left part of the screen), and then to send the request you have to go to the very right side of the screen just to press the "Send" button.


Since ReadyAPI is an app that needs wide-screen displays, this is an UX disaster in my opinion.


Why did you move it to the right side? I was happy with how the button was before.




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  • Sorry to hear that you aren't liking the change in location.


    We moved it to better accomodate our users who were running the request and then adding assertions, putting those controls closer together to make a smoother workflow for that activity.


    I understand your frustration, and wonder if you might find using the "Run" button on the toolbar more convenient? That control is on the left side, above the navigator and not too far from where the "Send" button was previously.


    We would be happy to talk about this further and even set up a feedback session, if you would be interested. You can reach us at if you would like to continue the conversation.


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      I actually did not notice the "Run" button in the toolbar. That is better for me.


      When thinking about it, I started to think that a good solution could be a key (F1 for example) assigned to the "Run" function. That would be the best for me as I am a keyboard person.

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        Glad to hear that the "Run" button will work for you!


        And we definitely hear you about keyboard shortcuts. We have been thinking about those lately, and will put this on the list for consideration.


        Thanks again for your feedback!

        UX team

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    I also preferred the position of the 'submit' button on previous versions - although I don't feel quite as strongly as Silvestr does!  :smileyvery-happy: