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5 years ago

scripts that use JsonPathValue ReadyAPI 3.1



I have a very big project that include all test cases of my projects, im using the following class in my groovy scripts 

i moved from readyAPI 3.0 to 3.1 , the imported class doesnt exist in the new version, how im supposed to do , any alternative for that import ?
NOTE: that class works fine with all version when i started using readyAPI 2.6 until now 3.0, im always up to date with newer version ,

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    More details/full stacktrace on the error from the log please?
  • mdsaadlaoui  :


    Could you please provide any screenshot or error log so that we can have a better vision what actual error is.


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      Hi mdsaadlaoui ,


      Please provide the Community with more information so that we could help you! Thanks.