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4 years ago

Run commands on remote server?

I need to run a command on a remote windows machine (which I access via RDP). The command triggers an ActiveBatch job which is an executable on the remote machine. Can ReadyAPI do this for me already or do I need to develop custom Groovy/Java code for it? If I need to develop code, then could you please suggest which libraries I could use? Links to any tutorial or guideline would be nice too. Thanks.

PS - This is one of the few tests in my API suite which don't test APIs.

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    Hey rajs2020 


    I believe AAB actually asked the same question about 18months ago - i bookmarked it cos i thought it was cool, but I've hundreds of forum bookmarks to dig through to find it.


    i think the answer he was given was something like "use a couple of lines of powershell", but I could be mistaken





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      I searched for AAB. Got 2 pages or results, but it looks like there is no post by AAB on this topic.