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17 years ago

Return vallue of testRunner.getTimeTaken()

Can you tell me what i got bat brom testRunner.getTimeTaken()
is than milliseconds or what else?

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    yes.. in milliseconds.. it is the sum of the time taken by all teststeps during the execution of your testcase..


  • Hi Ole,

    Is there a call i can use to get the time taken for this call of the test step (the soap call).
    I would like to get it logged in a data sink for each thread of a load test.

    Im a newbie with groovy so all help is appreciated.

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    sure.. the testRunner contains a results property which is a List of all TestStepResult objects collected during the execution of the TestCase (one for each run of a TestStep). This object has a timeTaken property which contains the desired value; you just need to figure out which TestStepResult is the one you are after; for example if you add a groovy script step after your soap call, it would be the last added result; testRunner.results[testRunner.results.size()-1].timeTaken )

    Hope this helps you forward!