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11 years ago

[Resolved]Email test results.


I would like to be able to email my test results (written to disk from a Groovy script within SoapUI Pro) but would I be right in saying there is no native capability in SoapUI Pro for this? I've had a look at the documentation but couldn't see anything. It's not a problem if there isn't anything I can leverage through Groovy or directly in the UI as I can write my own service to poll the log file location and email my log files directly but I didn't want to reinvent the wheel if something was already available?

Can anybody advise?


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    There is no out of box feature to achieve this capability. You can save the results in a sink using groovy test step and then email the file using groovy, that is the only workaround.
    You can configure the email test step,
    Create a factories folder in and save email-teststep-factories.xml in SoapUI-Pro-Installation\bin\factories

    Save email.png in bin folder

    Save the jar soapui-emailteststep-plugin-1.0-plugin.jar in bin\ext

    Save the email-teststep-actions.xml in SoapUI-Pro-Installation\bin\actions

    Attached is the folder with all the required files file.

    Close and open SoapUI Pro

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      Was able to add the Email Step succesfully. Do you have steps on how to attach test results in the Email Content/Body ?



  • Hi,

    I'd seen the plugin you mention and may invetigate that later. Could you explain "You can save the results in a sink using groovy test step and then email the file using groovy..." as a workaround as this sounds like my preferred option.