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4 years ago

Required to manually add ${DataSource Input# in the request body for 170 fields?

Hi all, First of all, I've read the techcornerchallenge on this, but it doesn't achieve the result that I want. I love the new functionality of ReadyAPI that you can have a request and it creates...
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    4 years ago

    Hey frankb 



    yeah - that is tedious and ive had to do it myself - I only have 90 attributes in my request though. 🙂


    Ok - you mention .wsdl - so this is a SOAP request, right?


    When I had  this - I didn't try and edit the content in ReadyAPI in your POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE request's 'Request' nor 'Raw', nor 'Outline' nor 'Form' tabs - it just takes too long.


    I just copied the whole XML into an editor (XMLSpy, Notepad++ or whatever) and kept the file as a template.

    I then edited this and copied (overwriting  the original that was autocreated via adding in a step off a .wsdl) the completed payload into the 'Request' tab on your SOAP test step.  It still takes a little time - but it is waaaaaay quicker than clicking on the different fields in either the 'Outline' or 'Form' tabs.


    you could do the edit/overwrite within the 'Request' tab itself - but it's alittle awkward and you can't see the full payload without using the vertical scroll bars - its just way easier if you edit it in XMLSpy instead and paste in (overwriting the dynamically generated payload) into the test step's 'Request' tab.


    Thats exactly what I did - when I had to do this.  Couldn't think of a quicker way of doing it!


    perhaps someone else has a quicker way of doing it?


    nice one