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4 years ago

Reporting - JUnit - Includes test cases being called by other test cases in test count

Hi all,


It seems ReadyAPI reporting functionality has changed over the years. Previously, JUnit style reports only reported on tests that were explicitly initiated, whether at the project level, suite level or test case level. Now it seems any test case that is called from the original test case is also included in the count.


Lets say for example we have two test cases, one, named testcase1, is a data driven test case that consists of a number of test steps including a step that calls the other test case. The other test case, testcase2,  resides in a test suite that is disabled and is only ever called from testcase1. When I run testcase1 using testrunner.bat with the junit switches set (-j and -J), I expect to only see one result, testcase1 either passed or failed. However, the number of results returned includes the result for testcase1 + the results for testcase2 wherever it is called.


Is there any way of reverting this behaviour as I preferred the original approach of reporting on tests that are explicitly initiated only?




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    You may open a support ticket for the same.
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        I raised the same issues before.

        This function changed from 3.1. to 3.2.


        The support answered me that there is no option to change this and I should change my reporting. (Case #00451382).


        Did you get a solution for changing this?


        Kind Regards, Michael