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2 years ago

Report generated via teardown script does not contain any data

We need to be able to execute a security test and then save both the Security Issues Report and the Security Test Report with a specific filename structure to a network share. 


The test runner only allows directly saving a single report per test run. Therefore we need to generate these reports via a teardown script.

Thankfully, or so we thought, SmartBear kindly provided a template for this exact thing (


Modifying the script to target the SecurityTestCaseReport instead of the WsdlTestSuiteReport got the two reports generating upon the test finishing.

However upon reviewing the reports, the Security Test Report was only populated with the number of test steps, number of security scans and the Start and End times are Wed Dec 31 17:00:00 MST 1969 (which just happens to be the timezone adjusted epoch start of January 1st, 1970 at 00:00:00 UTC) - See attached pdfs


Seeing as the sample script is fairly recent from 4/30/2021, I decided to put the script directly in a TestSuite teardown script thinking maybe it only works with functional tests. No same issue no data in the report. Again to try and isolate anything odd about my projects, I used the VirtualServices-readyapi-project from the tutorials folder.


Doing some searching of the community pages here, this issue has come up a few times with either no answer or recommending that people use the test runner or pointing people back to the teardown script linked at the start (circular dependencies are great eh)


Does this teardown script actually work? Is it possible to generate reports from a teardown script? Can someone correct the script so that it does work? 





All of this was running ReadyAPI version 3.41.1



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      Thank you for the suggestion, however running it via an event handler did not change the outcome. Ready API still generates a report with no data populated and a start and end time of Dec 31 1969.




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        hard to say why the script does not work; it would require some debugging.


        However, creating a custom report by inspecting the security results and producing JSON from the event listener is still an option.