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17 years ago

Relative paths in project files

Is it possible to use relative paths in a project file? In this way it would be possible for us to place the service definition relative to the project file.
We are working with more people on one project and it would be easier that everyone can place the files on their pc wherever they want.
The service is complex, and we would prefere the option to not cache the whole service definition.

Jan Vo

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    Hi Jan,

    sorry, not currently. But you can use property-expansions in most fields and there specify the projectDir property; for example for a excel datasource you can specify ${projectDir}\data.xls which will reference a file in the same folder as the project file.

    Which file-fields did you intend on using?


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    At this moment under the Interface Properties the "Definition URL" is "file:D:\Service\"
    We would like it to be something like "\Service" where Service is a subfolder of de folder where the project file is placed.
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    I just want to add my vote to this feature request.
    Being able to share a soapUI project between members, by having the project stored in the version control system in a team is essential for us.
    And to be able to do that, the path to the wsdl must be relative to the project file, it seems.