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8 years ago

Reg: End to End Testing with UI

HI All


I need to do the end to end testing in ready API,


Right now I was able to do with Databases, like connecting to DB



But I have challenge, to validate with ui, we have small UI to validate with soap response.


How to do UI validations.....with SOAPUI NG ?


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    I'm not sure if there is any automated out of the box way to do this. There is the Manual test step (if your tests are being run from the Ready API GUI) which pops up a message box with instructions to a person to follow and then mark as passed or failed.


    If you wanted it to be truly automated, you may have to look at third party libraries to interact with your GUI, for example if it were a web page you could look at using the Selenium libraries. Never actually tried this, so don't know if it's possible in a real world situation.

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      My test step contains a request and response, for the response need to validate we are validation from UI screen. our UI screen get the details from mainframe.


      now from service side, I need to validate the soap response to ui response, just like validating with DB.



      I need to integrate ui like some browser will open and verify the values with soap response to ui value.



      How can i achieve this.

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        I am going to second Radford; there isn't an out of box way (that I am aware of) to validate UI functionality within SoapUI. You may need to use the manual test step, and write up a test script on how to validate the UI manually.