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6 years ago

Refer to external script library in composite project


For our project we use a composite project, and we share this via Git.

In this project, we use some external Groovy scripts.

I know I can refer to that library via project property Script Library.

However, there is something strange with this feature when used in a composite project. I expect I can refer to the map within the project, and all submaps are interpreted as library paths. It seems though, that you have to refer to the map that encloses the composite project as well. That is a problem, because not everyone in the team uses the same name for the map containing the project, and it can not be set within the project.

So, the reference looks now something like this: ${projectDir}/map_enclosing_project/scriptlibrary/

I have been googling around, but I find only reference to set the path in an ordinary ('non-composite') project.

Does anybody know how to set the external library reference in a composite project?

Thanks in advance,