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6 years ago

ReExecution Status is not getting Updated from test suite teardown

Hi Team, 




I am running a test suite and in the tear down script am re-executing the failure test cases.



The issue is ,I am able to re-execute the failed test cases but the status of the test case are not getting updated even though testcase got passed on Re-Execution.


Please help me out in this how to update status of the failure testcase 


Thank You!!

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    I think that if the test case fails once it will be considered as failed for the other runs also no matter what is the last result.


    A solution would be to reset the status after the first run but I am not very sure if this is possible. Can you share the code that takes care of the re-execution?

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      Hi Lucian,


       Following is the  code to re-execute the failure test cases,


      for ( testCaseResult in runner.results )
      testCaseName = testCaseResult.getTestCase().name
      if ( testCaseResult.getStatus().toString() == "FAILED" )
      {, false)



      Thank You!!

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        This still does not solve the problem for the last test run.

        test will still be flagged as a failure.

        Thats what Lucian had mentioned and I tend to agree.