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18 years ago

'recreate a default request from schema' does not seem to work as expected.

I have project with multiple test suites and multiple test cases. Recently development decided to update the WSDL definition by changing the namespaces. What I did to update my tests was to 'update the definition' and then go to each of my test cases and clicked on 'recreate a default request from schema'. While doing this one of the questions asked is 'keep existing values'. I would assume that if you choose 'Yes', it would keep the existing values. However, my request object gets replaced by the default request object from the wsdl definition. Is this expected ?

Secondly, I was thinking that it would probably be easier to open the XML file in notepad and just copy / replace the updated namespace. This would be the easiest and preferred way since testcases and property transfers are referencing the old namespace and need to be updated.

for instance the old namespace was


and the new name space is


Can I just do a copy/replace in notepad ?



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    Hi Ali,

    you are right.. changing the namespace will result in this behaviour.. the "Keep existing values" will only work if the namespace is the same (and for elements that have not been renamed.. ).. I'll clarify this in user-guide for the next release.

    Also, you are right regarding the replace in notepad, it should be much easier that way..

    WSDL refactoring like you describe is another one of the top issues we want to support.. stay tuned :-)