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6 years ago

Receive data with query from Webservice

Hi, In the WebService I load the general data consulted to a monitoring platform, but then I wanted to receive the data of a specific team giving it a label. For example, this is a piece of cod...
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    6 years ago

    Hey JorgeGrille 


    Ok - the xml1.txt file you attached is a .wsdl file - this defines the attributes of a listening SOAP web service (which I always find a bit of a misnomer - SOAP isn't typically used in the web - but anyway....)


    I created a new project using this file and it wasn't just get requests in there - you have add/delete/get/update SOAP requests available via the .wsdl -  you mention you're doing a GET - but there are 26/27 different SOAP request types defined in your .wsdl.


    you state in your last message the following:

    "From the webservice (SoapUI) I make a query for the Nodes that I have in a monitoring platform. (attachment "capture 1")  

    When making the query, gives me the following information. (attachment doc "xml1").

    I believe that I have to make the following query to take for example the devices of the "Cisco7200" family.


    you need to abstract out the info we need to try and explain what you need without the fluff - I still don't know what 'query for the Nodes that I have in a monitoring platform" or "devices of the "Cisco7200" family" actually means


    you state "when making the query, gives me the following information (attachment doc "xml1")." - but the image is just the .wsdl that you are viewing - you haven't done a query at this point - the .wsdl file in the screenshot doesn't EVER get submitted to a listening webservice.....that .wsdl IS the listening web service.


    Is there anyone where you work to actually assist you at all?  there's a fair portion of theory to API testing that it changes how you use ReadyAPI! or SoapUI and I just don't know if we can explain everything you need.


    We can try and help you - but I just don't know if we can explain everything you need via forum.


    For example - you've provided the .wsdl but you've given it the wrong extension and your SoapUI instance isn't recognising the file as a .wsdl (if you've loaded in the .wsdl correctly you'd see the 26/27 different SOAP requests defined - it doesn't just have a single GET)


    Also - it looks like you are using the trial version of SoapUI.  This means that some of the functionality that really helps make things a lot easier for a beginner won't be available, making the job even harder for you to use SoapUI.


    Thanks man,