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3 years ago

ReayAPI Offline Activation acting like Online Activation

Trying to activate a license in either ReadyAPI 3.20.0 or 3.20.2 via Offline Activation.  
We identify a license from file; press next to go to Activation Options where we select Offline; click next and go to Complete Activation and it does not give us the expected information to copy and send via email.  It only indicates "Select the activation file received in the email response."

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    LanceVL I ran into this problem as well recently with 3.30, and I had to close out of the Activation window and restart ReadyAPI and the Activation process for it to give me the necessary window with the information to copy out for the email.


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      groovyguy I try this and it identifies that there is a pending offline activation and does not give the window with information necessary to copy out for the email, when I click OK, it goes straight to identify the file in the activation response email.