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7 months ago

Reat API Zephyr enterpise Integration

Can I use my ready API for Zephyr enterpise Integration and also in Jenkins for CI/Cd

My requirment >  Run automation test in ReadY API > Update test results in Zephyr Enterpise > CI/CD jenkins



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    I see only SQUD integratin is der with Ready API not sure how to do Custom any suugestions?

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    Hi SRIDZQ44

    I'm currently investigating. ReadyAPI!/Zephyr Squad/GitLab for Automation and CI/CD capability and although i'm focusing on Zephyr Squad Jira plugin rather than Enterprise, the reading i've been doing indicates integration is possible.  Have a look at the following links to start you off.

    The next link is peculiar to Zephyr Squad, NOT Enterprise, HOWEVER, there might be info in there that can help your overall understanding.  I've found thr Smartbear support pages are poor....orphaned links, links launching 404s, file download links that are kist display html text rather than providing file download capability, collapsible html tables that expand only briefly and don't remain expanded.  Essentially i think all the problems with the support help pages are cos i think that Smartbear scraped the original help pages (Atlassian owned Zephyr before Smartbear), but didn't bother to test the completed web pages after the scraped content was pasted back into the page.

    Hence the reason i've had to revert to reading all the old Atlassian help pages as well as everything else.  There is erroneous info in there, but it has helped me progress