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8 months ago

ReadyAPI timeout/running out of memory in our VSTS pipelines

The problems:

  1. 1. Our VSTS agent takes more than 60 minutes to try execute our ready api tests and the operation is cancel
    2. Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

We had our test running on the pipeline, then we added a few changes to modify the settings file so we could update our endpoint variables via VSTS to avoid hardcoding our values.

We added a step with a Powershell script to modify our environment values, the values are modified correctly but the test just fails at the end because of a timeout (taking more than 60 minutes to execute a task) or the Memory Error.


For the memory error, we increased the Xmx value in the .vmoptions file from 800m to 25344m but didn't solve anything :C

The virtual machine we are using is an AWS machine that has 8 vCPUs with 32GiB (EC2 instance type: t3.2xlarge)

Any ideas on what to look for and where?

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    I recommend looking at the ReadyAPI logs to inspect what's happening during those 60 minutes. 


    Anyway, 60 minutes are far too long unless your test is really complex. Might there be some infinite loop or similar issue causing the delay?