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3 years ago

ReadyAPI replaces '<' with '&lt;' when using Test Case Property in Rest Request

I have a test case property which I want to use in my json body as a value, the value is of type 'xml' but when I use the test case property this way I get 'bad request' error as '<' is replaced with '&lt;'



My test case property value = <con:MetaData>


Replaced with &lt;con:MetaData>

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    Hey rajrao,

    Ive just created a testcase property with a value of <con:MetaData> and my payload correctly displays the value in my payload....i.e. neither < nor > were transformed to escaped xml.

    Can you provide acreenshots of exactly what youre doing please as it works fine on mine? be clear....are you saying it only transformed the < to '&lt, but didnt transform the closing > to '&gt'???