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2 years ago

ReadyAPI keeps renaming test filenames, adding number suffix to the filename.


Recently I've been encountering this issue where ReadyAPI wants to rename some of the test filenames, even though I haven't even touched the tests. It would like to add suffix in the form of "-1" or "-2" etc (in increments of 1, if lower suffix already exists) to the filename.


I'll illustrate it on this screenshot:

In this particular case, I didn't even do anything - I only checked out against my Bitbucket branch, opened ReadyAPI, didn't touch any tests, saved the project and these changes appeared as 'Uncommited changes'. Not sure why these appear there - could anyone advise what could be the issue and how to solve these filename suffixes? And maybe how to fix already existing different filename versions?


(Maybe I should add that I usually use Sourcetree as an intermediary between ReadyAPI and Bitbucket, as I had some issues in the past with my Bitbucket account not working with ReadyAPI).

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    It seems this issue is due to Windows vs Mac users working on the same repository.

    My colleague uses Mac and after he does some changes to the repository, for some reason it starts adding these suffixes to some test filenames and then when opening the repository in ReadyAPI on Windows machine, make some changes and want to save changes to repository, then these changes in filenames appear in ReadyAPI Git > Changes window.


    Can anyone advise how to solve this Windows vs Mac problem?