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3 years ago

Readyapi datasource configuration

I am looking for configuring the excel datasource step.   Instead of getting the input from single excel sheet, I want to get the input from multiple excel sheet. Is it possible with the readyapi tool. and is there anyother way to achieve the datasource step by getting data from multiple excel sheet.

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    Hey Santhi1,

    The Datasource step has a number of options, but the ones most appropriate to what youre talking about is either the file type or the directory type and these types support single tests and looped tests

    HOWEVER, the way im reading your request is that you have your source data for a single test run spread across two excel that right?

    If thats a "yes", would it not make your life easier long term (by minimising maintenance) if you amalgamated the 2 spreadsheets into 1?

    At first i was thinking having 2 separate source spreadsheets for your testing as problematic.....but ive changed my mind.
    The execution of the steps in a testcase is for the most part sequential (i think you can deviate from "sequential" using Properties steps), so say you have 2 spreadsheets sourced by 2 Datasource (file type) steps followed by your executable step (REST/HTTP/SOAP or whatever) then i suspect that will work fine (although id want to test the scenario to be sure).

    So if you setup your testcase object hierarchy as follows:

    -------Datasource1 (filetype) sourcing from spreadsheet1
    -------Datasource2 (filetype) sourcing from spreadsheet2
    -------ReST (sourcing values from both Datasource steps)

    I think it would work (although ive never tried it, but just following logic id expect this to work)


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      Thank you, Rich!


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