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2 years ago

ReadyAPI composite Project running on TeamCity

Hi BrainsTrust. 

We have a composite ReadyAPI project. 
3 licences, 2 for users with the 3rd running on a VM/Agent box. 

When we are triggering a build/run on TeamCity, the tests that are being run are not correct.


We have a test suite folder that has been disabled while there are some changes being made. Opening ReadyAPI on the VM, shows that the latest changes are there and the suite is disabled. 
However, when the TeamCity run commences, the test suite is being run. 

Is it possible to run a composite project via TeamCity? 
And why would it not be running the latests setup/code? 

We have confirmed that the folders, tests, xml files etc are all the same between the 3 instances of ReadyAPI - it just seems that TeamCity is not liking the composite project set up. 

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