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3 years ago

ReadyApi 403 while in Postman 200 ok

When I sent this request in Postman I get 200 Ok.

In ReadyAPI I get 403 Forbidden

Do I need add custom headers of change something in the settings in ReadyAPI?

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  • Hi,

    Looks like its an authentication associated to the headers like you mentioned. 

    I would manually add the headers on the ReadyAPI rest request, toward the bottom of the screen, to see if that resolves the issue. 

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      I have  added manually headers but doesn't make difference. I get 403.

      When I sent the request with Postman I see traffic in Fiddler. With ReadyApi I don't see any traffic in Fiddler.

      Is there a setting in ReadyAPI that must be changed to get work? 

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        Hey jsontester,

        Whenever i get requests working in postman but not working in soapui/readyapi, the problem is nearly always some problem with the headers....typically content-type of authorization. If you actually think about it, the problems can only be in something fundamental like https/http/ssl/tls, or uri or payload or headers. Thats it.

        The way to diagnose the problem is as mattb mentioned is to do comparison of these things but typically focus on the headers and as you mention, youve tried fiddler which is exactly what i always do.

        Your last post mentions youre getting nothing in fiddler foe readyapi. Are you makiing sure youre using the proxy option in readyapi as well as postman? Remember for fiddler to capture traffic, you need to ensure you are proxying the requests via fiddler before it gets to the relevant endpoint.

        Heres some instructions i found that works with soapui/fiddler. Follow these for your readyapi traffic -->

        When i get home tonight i'll run setup fiddler on mine and then confirm the simplest way of setting it up. the meantime, if you can screenshot the RAW details of your request (and reaponse in postman) and then screenshot the same in readyapi, we should be able to identify what you need to focus on to fix this.