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2 years ago

ReadyAPI 3.44 not installing on Macbook Pro M1 Pro (macOS)


I am an user of ReadyAPI and very recently switched to mac (my machine is a Macbook Pro with M1 Pro), and I am unable to install the latest ReadyAPI 3.44 (it was the same issue with 3.43).

I am choosing the ARM macOS version, and the installer just does not work, it does not install, there is a readyAPI icon called java in the dock which does not show anything when clicking on it (see screenshots attached) and nothing happens.


I was however able to install the old 3.3.0 version which I dowloaded here:

, but this version while working fine is not the most optimised for Apple sillicon.

I also was able to download and install version 3.30 from another source. However starting from version 3.40 it does not install on my macBook.

So the issue was introduced with version 3.40, which is the first with arm64 macOS installer and also a new java version:


Could you please provide support? Thanks in advance.


PS: I am reposting this issue as my previous post was deleted.