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3 years ago

ReadyAPI 3.20.0 title bar prevents windows drag-to-top maximize feature

Something seems to have changed with the title bar in ReadyAPI 3.20.0 for Windows.  It now does not show up with the theme coloring for windows title bars, but retains the same color as the rest of the app.  Ok, no big deal, I can deal with color changes.  But there is also a functionality change: When I try to drag the window by the title bar to the top of my screen, my usual way to maximize a window I'm working with, it doesn't maximize.  The drag-to-top-to-maximize worked in all prior versions of ReadyAPI, including 3.10.2.  I've tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail.


Is there a benefit we get for this change to remove the title bar drag-to-top-to-maximize functionality?  Is there a setting to restore the functionality?  

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    Hey jrforeman 


    I can't comment on the colouring issue, but I've tried replicating with my instance of ReadyAPI! v3.20 and I can't see any problems.


    Are you talking about maximising/dragging to a second screen perhaps?


    Maximising/dragging is kinda fundamental functionality so I wouldnt expect it to have regressed between versions - leading me to believe if there is a change, it was intentional.  However - my argument to the behaviour youre seeing being intentional is to ask "what would be the objective of this change?"   I cant see one myself.....





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      I'm talking about dragging the non-maximized window the top of one of my monitors, whether it is originally on that monitor or a different one.   It is interesting that you mention moving from one screen to another, as this when I usually do this.  For example, I am presenting in a virtual meeting, sharing my main screen.  I have other windows that are not relevant to the moment on the screens of other monitors, so I can seen them, but it does not distract from the presentation I am giving.  At a moment when I want to bring ReadyAPI into the presentation, I may grab it from one of the other screens and pull it to the main screen I am sharing. To have it take the entire monitor, I would simply drag it to the top, causing it to maximize when I release it.


      When I do this with any other windows application, dragging the non-maximized window to the top of the screen causes the window to maximize, and this has been true for ReadyAPI, as well, until ReadyAPI 3.20.0. 


      As a workaround, I can maximize ReadyAPI 3.20.0 windows by selecting the maximize icon in the upper right; or I can use the keystroke combination [WindowsButton]+[UpArrow].