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5 years ago

ReadyAPI 2.8 - Using Smart Assertion for data coming in different order

I'm testing a webservice that has the potential to return values in different order depending on execution.

Example below shows an array for the email object, where email[0] is not always the type = home.

   "emails" : [
         "type" : "home",
         "value" : ""
         "type" : "work",
         "value" : "",
         "primary" : true

Is it possible to utilize Smart Assertions to validate this scenario:

emails[*][type] == "home"
emails[*][type] == "work"

I know that I should always get 2 emails, but need to validate I'm getting one with type==work and one with type==home.


*Note - I know this can be done with other assertions, but I'm curious specifically about the Smart Assertion feature.

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    Hi NickMitricka 


    I haven't used Smart Assertions myself - but it launches the Message Content Assertion assertion that was available in earlier versions of ReadyAPI! and I looked at trying to use this a while back.


    Someone that knows the functionality better than I might have a different opinion, but I believe it doesn't support what you need it to do if I understand correctly.  Essentially you're saying the sequence of the type = home or type = work isn't constant - you know you'll get both in your response - but the sequence isn't fixed.


    The problem I believe is that the Message Content Assertion assertion uses XPATH or JSONPATH (depending on the type of the response) to verify a certain attribute displays a certain value.

    The 'Validation' column in the Message Content Assertion form doesn't provide any values that supports what you need.


    As I say - someone who knows the functionality better might have a different opinion - but looking at it - I dont think so


    nmrao  showed me a couple of script assertions to handle what you want - but that doesn't help you I'm afraid






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      I am not aware of Smart Assertions and author of this question mentioned that he knows achieving what he needs using other ways.
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        I understand - I was just highlighting that I think this is unachievable with the Message Content Assertion assertion