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7 years ago

ReadyAPI 2.02 GetData Dialog

After long hesitation we decided to move up from ReadyAPI 1.9 and try 2.02 - especially eager to see the new GetData dialog as the old one was a bit difficult sometimes.
And now I can't believe it - in 99% of the cases we'll fetch data from the same Testcase. This has been properly reflected after all in the old dialog, and now this has been completely ignored in the new one?

Do you really expect us to choose the Testsuite and Testcase over and over again? Really? Who has designed this? It does not even remember data, everything has to be chosen again. I can't believe that. I'm afraid this is completely unusable for us right now, as most of our testcases have steps depending on each other and we have to use this dialog a lot.

Or are we doing it it wrong, is there a more efficient way to build testcases like this?
Is there a `setting or something to get the old dialog back?

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    Thank you for your feedback. We will register a feature request to improve the GetData dialog. 

    The new dialog is applied only on the SoapUI NG tab, we leave the old dialog on the Projects tab.