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9 years ago

Ready!API 1.3 error to save project files - breaking the existing project



I recently install Ready!API 1.3, I have error message and I cannot save projects.


"Error message: Failed to save project; Could not create TestSuite directory" 


I had checked user premission of folders and is running ReadyAPI!  'as admin'.  And my colleague updated his Ready!API from 1.1 to 1.3 also have the same issue. I have also checked the vmoptions file for the space it is as of now set to default - 



Please let me know if I am missing anything??




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  • Could you please state how did you save your project files? And which operating system are you using?




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      The project is a composite project and I am on Windows 8.1 Enterprise. 

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        We provided a preinstalled git plugin for sharing your project in Ready!API 1.3. Maybe it doesn't work well in windows 8?

        Could you please try to uninstall that plugin by click the plugin manager on top menu and see what happens?