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3 years ago

ReadyAPI - Automate the review of test metadata

Tests have tabs/properties/fields like Description, Test Case type, Requirements etc. When we review others tests, we have to check if these things are at least present. Is there an easy way to automate this without things like sonar qube? I prefer to use some groovy or java code to do it. Such work is very tedious, boring and should be automated IMO.


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    SOAPUI API allows to access such data, one should be able to achieve it.

    1. Test Case doesn't have any type. You mean step?
    2. Please note that it is possible that one can employ tricks to make such automated verifications passthrough in such cases. For eg: instead of empty description, it can have a random text like "abc".
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      1. Test case type - All our tests have default custom properties like TestCaseType which can be regression, smoke etc.

      2. Yes, people can bypass automated checks for things like description by inserting dummy text or a useless description. That is why we also have a person review the test cases after they are written or have major updates. But, we should still automate checking of at least some test metadata (e.g. test type, description, requirement etc.). It will help the test writer to see if they forgot to fill in some of the metadata before they submit the test for review.

      PS -
      sonya_m- I don't get any notifications on the bell icon of this forum anymore. So, I don't know if there are any updates on my posts unless I go to my posts and check manually.

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        rajs2020, I will look into this!