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2 years ago

Ready API Virtualization

Hi Team,


How Can we Access Virtualized API in other system which we created in Ready API?

Could You suggest to implement this....





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    One can run the virtual service created in side the ReadyAPI / SoapUI in different ways.

    1. Run the service from the tool.

    2. Use command line tool called mockservicerunner.bat/.sh


    Then access the above services using host and port in any other system.

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      Hi Everyone!!!


      I have requirement to create virtual API and Input data source for Data base(Postgres).

      I have created the virtual API and fetching the data from data source...

      In this data response am getting as sequence...Like data base has a 2 rows will produce the out put one by one..


      Here instead of sequence data retrieval..i want to get the particular output from the database..



      Data base table has column account_nbr,name,address,street...

      It has around 3000 records in table..

      based on the account_nbr it will return the response..

      like in the url if i passed account_nbr=99999 means it will give particular account number details...

      The same way i will get the response from the table....


      could you some one can we deal this..... 



      Main aim is here to pass the parameter in API URL and get the data from database randomly....

      Based on the account nbr it will return the rows from database....