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6 years ago

Ready API changes xml without active change


I'm currently using ReadyAPI 2.6.0.

I have a composite project with many xml files created. When I open ReadyAPI and do modify A.xml, when I save the project, A.xml has changes but also B.xml ????

I see the diff after saving and, quite recently, some of my testCases now include a new diff:


+ <con:jmsPropertyConfig/>


and this one also :


      -  <con:value xsi:nil="true" xmlns:xsi=""/>
      +  <con:value xmlns:xsi="">--</con:value>

And today, no change in version or whatever, I just updated a quite old testCase and I have this new diff :


   - <con:request name="Request 1" id="902205b7-4bc4-48d8-bebe-00e448ef3505" mediaType="application/json">
   + <con:request name="Request 1" id="902205b7-4bc4-48d8-bebe-00e448ef3505" mediaType="application/json" postQueryString="false">

I guess these differences are 'normal' (as I regularly upgraded ReadyAPI from 2.3.0 to 2.6.0) but could anyone tell me what they mean and why they occur only on certain files ?


Thank you




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    Hi Alex,


    Without having content of the files and the names of files, it's difficult to answer the questions. But, for the last one, it's related to the "Post Query String" option of a request. Maybe, earlier only the True value was mentioned in the file. The first one may be related to the JMS Property tab, which isn't shown for some requests in ReadyAPI 2.6.0.