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9 years ago

[Ready! API 1.3.1]DataSource file path works in UI, failed from java runner with project properties

Hi Team,


I am using SoapUI Pro, Ready! API 1.3.1.


Currently I want to pass the file path from jUnit to SoapUI project properties and use that value in DataSource input file path.




        properties[0] = "searchForProductsInputFile=price_input_201507.csv";
        SoapUITestCaseRunner runner = new SoapUITestCaseRunner();


In SoapUI

Project level,  add customer properties: searchForProductsInputFile


In DataSource Step,

DataSource: File

File: /Users/${#Project#searchForProductsInputFile}



However,  Seems the Datasource step doesn't pick up and read the input file.


Wierd thing is I tried to set customer properties: searchForProductsInputFile manual in the project level.  The file is able to be read.



Any hints,  or let me know if need further information to help out.


Thanks in advance




  • I figured it out.


    Since datasource is pro-related function. SoapUIProTestCaseRunner should be used. That is why the testcase is working in SoapUI, but failed when it is called from jUnit.




    import com.eviware.soapui.SoapUIProTestCaseRunner;

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    If you are using it in groovy script, try replacing value as context.expand('${#Project#searchForProductsInputFile}') and see.
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      Hi Rao,


      Thanks for replying.  I tried with groovy script. The result is the same,  it works when I run in SoapUI,  but if I invoke with JAVA runner,  it failed. 


      I think point is why it is working in UI,  but with same test project, when invoke from JAVA runner,  the input file is not accessiable.


      I attached some screenshots and codes.  Any hint or guess is welcome.


      def searchForProductsInputFile = context.expand( '${#Project#searchForProductsInputFile}' )

      testRunner.testCase.testSteps['data massage holder'].setPropertyValue("filePath", searchForProductsInputFile)

      def filePath = context.expand( '${data massage holder#filePath}' ) filePath




      Thanks again


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        I am really sorry to come back, what do you mean by java runner?