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6 years ago

Reading the Messages from JMS Queue/Topic


I am using this guide to send and receive messages on/from a JMS queue. The problem is that when I read the received message from the queue (response) it is no longer available for the program under test. And when the program under test reads the message before I can my test is stuck. My test step is waiting for the message that is no longer there, because it is picked up by the program under test (Tibco).


Is there a way to "monitor" a queue like monitoring a queue with Gems? This way I can get all message on the queue and the process is not hindered in any way. If not, how can best deal with this?


Thanks in advance!

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    If I understood you correctly, the described behavior is correct. If you run a test step which should read a message in ReadyAPI and you run the application under the test, only one application can read a message from the queue (if there is one message). 


    As for the monitoring, I'm not sure. It has more deal with Tibco I think rather with ReadyAPI. 


    Also, if you use SoapUI Open Source, it's better to create topics in this section:

    There could be some issues/known limitations which are specific to SoapUI Open Source.