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5 years ago

passwords Enter in ReadyAPI is not working in SoapUI Pro


In our projects there are couple of folks who are using SOAPUI PRO (5.1.2) and others using ReadyAPI 2.2.0. We have SOAP UI intergarted to Jenkins too and in master machine we are uisng same version of SOAPUI pro . However we are facing a issue . Basic authentication provided in readyapi is not showing up in SOAPUI pro . For an example if i add a test case with basic authenocation in ReadyAPI, it will work fine . But if i open up the same xml in SOAPUI Pro, that authenication wont show up and service call will faill with access denied .


Has anyone facing this issue . If so may i know how to fix this and possible workaround . 

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    Hi shalu,

    Can you provide screenshots of your soapui instance please? Im not sure if youre saying the facility to select basic auth is not available...???

    Thats what it sounds like but i have soapui pro v3.5 and readyapi! v2.7.0 and my basic auth tests (created via readyapi!) work fine in my soapui pro instance.....hence the reason for my screenshot request.


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      Hi all,


      shalu have you had a chance to work on this issue? If it is solved, could you please provide the solution you found? Otherwise, is it possible for you to send the screenshots Richie requested? We are looking forward to hearing from you.