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5 years ago

Passing multiple parameters in a single SOAP request

Hi All,


Please help me in the below query.


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:wsa="" xmlns:xsi="">
<ns1:Parameter name="SO1_ACTION" value="Create"/>
<ns1:Parameter name="SO1_DOMAIN_NAME" value="7013"/>
<ns1:Parameter name="SO1_PART_NUMBER" value="CFS_Domain"/>
<ns1:Parameter orderParam="false" name="SO1_SUBSCRIBER_TYPE" value="POSTPAID"/>



This is the soap request which I am using.
So in the request I am passing only one "<ns1:Parameter name="SO1_DOMAIN_NAME" value="7013"/>"

I want to pass multiple(for example: 0001,0002 till 0999) in a single request.

Can someone please help me in the request like how to add multiple parameters.

I am using SOAP UI2.5 version.


Thanks in Advance.

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    Hey ramz41

    This isnt soapui issue. Whether you can multiple pass multiple different value attribute values for any element in your soapbody is defined by the .xsd (the schema) that essentially defines the content of your xml instance (contained within your soapbody tag).

    No one on the forum will ne able to answer this as this is specific to your particular endpoint youre hitting.

    Your .wsdl might include the .xsd detail or it could be persisted in a separate file.

    If you can publish your .xsd we'd be able to tell you how to do what you need (if the schema allows it), but thats all we could do im afraid!


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    Did you mean passing the multiple values to below tags one by one?


    <ns1:Parameter name="SO1_DOMAIN_NAME" value="7013"/>

    or like this :-

    <ns1:Parameter name="SO1_DOMAIN_NAME" value="7013, 0002, 0999"/>
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      Hi avidCoder,

      Alright fella....considering ramz41 said "I want to pass multiple(for example: 0001,0002 till 0999) in a single request." and the parent tag of the xml instance in the request is <CreateRequest />, this sounds like he wants to build up some data and i'd suggest he doesn't care about the approach used....just that it gets done!

      However as i said....whether you can add multiple numeric comma separated values on the elements 'value' attribute or whether you can add multiple whole tag lines or even IF injecting multiple records in at the same time is allowed is gonna be defined/controlled by the schema (.xsd).


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        Thanks everyone for trying to help! 

        Hi ramz41 , is the problem solved for you? Please let us know.