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17 years ago

parsing soapui project file

I am trying to maintain test cases, descriptions by storing them in a database. I have a table in the database which has the following fields.

1. ProjectName
2. TestSuite
3. TestCaseName
4. TestCase Description

I wanted to parse through the soapui project XML file and extract the information and put it into the database.

I have everything setup on the database (schema, stored procs etc). I just need to make a call via my program(C# code) that will pass these values to the stored proc.

I have limited experience with XML and was having some trouble understanding the XML structure of the project files. Can you provide me some java/C#/pseudo code that will basically show how to navigate the XML file to extract the things I have listed above.



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    Hi Ali,

    sorry for the delay. The information you are after is structured as follows:


    All in the namespace. I've attached the xml-schema for the entire project file, maybe you can open it in some graphical editor to get an overview.

    Hope this helps!