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9 years ago

parse the json response with field name containing slash '/'

Hi, I have to parse the json response and get the value of a field "bookName": "MyBook 001" Here is my response:   { "meta": { "/data/library": { "bookName": "MyBook 001", "/book/ID": { "rea...
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    9 years ago

    This is primarily a groovy question. There are actually a couple of ways you can handle this.

    The simplest change is just to quote your fields, so change your line below to this:

    def bName =jsonResponse.meta."data/library".bookName

    It looks weird, but you need quotes because / is a valid character for identifiers in groovy, but not in java.

    Here is the documentation for this feature.


    The documentation for the JsonSlurper class says that the parseText method returns maps and lists, so you could optionally use the native syntax for those classes like jsonResponse["/data/library"]["bookName"] but then you are using quotes anyway.