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2 years ago

Parse multi line response

I have a SOAP request that returns a multi line return which I want to drop into a data sink.


When I right click the data and add to sink it only adds the first line, how do I add all the lines?




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  • Hey stuartbarber , 

    It looks like your'e selecting a response node. What we need to do is select the entire response instead. 

    To do this, we can use GetData and choose the target Response property from your SOAP request. 

    You'll be prompted to select a response node on the following screen. Don't select any of the nodes. Pressing 'OK' without selecting any individual node will reference the entire response. 


    This will store the response as the screenshot below demonstrates. 
    You could also refer to the response using the following format: ${SOAP Request#Response} , where SOAP Request is the name of your target request.