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7 years ago

Packed Project

Is there a way to create a packed project and include all the assertions to send to another user?

If so, how is this done?


I am a QA tester.

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    Hi Papia,


    If you aren't using a composite project, the project stores everything in one *.xml file.

    Besides, it's possible to save your project to a *.zip archive by using the Export option and import it later on another PC.


    Community, any more suggestions?

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      Hi TanyaYatskovska


      I just tried using the 'export' function to create the compressed project and tried importing - but nothing happened.


      Then I noticed that the 'export' function creates an empty .zip archive - i.e. it doesn't include the project .xml file I tried to export.


      Do you know why the export function would be creating an empty .zip archive container?


      I've tried several times with different projects (none of them are composite project .xml files) but I'm always getting an empty container.


      I've had a look around for more instructions or something to clarify - but I haven't found anything to help - probably cos it should be straight forward and doesn't need instructions!


      The only thing that I can think of is that I have WinRAR installed not WinZip - do you know what facility ReadyAPI! uses to actually perform the compression?  I was wondering whether its not working because I have WinRAR as my default compressor (even though it supports .zip compression) rather than WinZip or the embedded .zip compressor within Windows?





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        Hi Richie,


        I and one of my colleagues have exported the project successfully. We have tried this behavior for a composite project and for a regular one. Could you please make sure that you are using the latest ReadyAPI version – v.2.4.0?


        Also, please try to zip the project folder by using the Windows functionality. Do you get an empty archive?