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13 years ago

Order operations alphabetically with patch

One feature we have been missing for a long time is to sort operations alphabetically in the tree. We have some web services with 20-50+ operations. After we do a "update definition" the new operations are added to the end of the tree. After a while this looks pretty messy :-)
I have added this feature on trunk version 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT and created a patch which I hope you would consider to add.

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  • Hi!

    Thanks for the patch. We'll consider adding it


    SmartBear Software
  • Hmm, I don't know why the me of 2010 thought this was about the pending
    patch. The issue here is that file move prims in named patches are
    displayed in the alphabetical order rather than the order performed,
    which can be confusing from a UI point of view.

    I don't think there's much we can do about this one. It may have to be
    a wont-fix.
  • Why is this a bad idea? I have to keep deleting my project and recreating it to get an alphabetically ordered view of my webservice operations. Super annoying. I'm not interested in the order in the WSDL, nor the order in which they were added.

    If you really want to make new ones appear at the end, then at least provide a right click context menu operation to sort the operations. That would be an acceptable workaround.
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    There is a preference in:

    File > Preferences > UI Settings tab > check Order Requests

    Michael Giller
    SmartBear Software
  • I am also in search of "Order Operations". The available options are: Order Projects, Order Services and Order Requests. What we would also like is "Order Operations".

    As a workaround, I can use the "Add WSDL" action to import the same WSDL; with this new import, the operations are sorted.

    It would be nice if "Update Definition" also sort the operations or have a preference to "Order Operations"

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    I have more than a 100 operations within a web service. I am really having difficulty to find a specific operation. "Sorting operations alphabetically" feature would be very useful for me.

  • I second  this request.  We need Order Operations (ie method names).  Ordering Requests is not the same thing.  Not sure why smart bear support is confused about this.  Order Requests is not the same thing as Order Operations.  Please add Order Operations.

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      Hard to believe this hasn't been addressed in all these years.  This is the first thing I noticed that makes SOAPUI a huge pain to use.

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        Middle of 2019 and this feature is still not available even in the $400 a seat Ready API! product. Seriously? How hard can it be to add a right click sort?